BabyPlanner Barcelona supports its clients, families, fathers and mothers, to enjoy this new adventure on a full way, without worries or obligations of preparation, shopping, products…

Enjoying each stage, just deciding what is best for them and their babies.

We plan, we prepare their claims and support them during the process, helping them make the best decisions for themselves.


For partners who want to be with us, BabyPlanner Barcelona work as liaison between the client and they, with a totally innovative approach of planning and support within the while range of products and services available in this period.

What makes the difference in our partners?

  • We work with a selected few partners turning them into brand ambassadors.
  • Our partners must be professionals who perfectly know the product.
  • Thanks to shared efforts with our partners, we improve the meaning of value for each client and also will improve their experience.

Our goal is to get the level of quality perceived by the clients as high as possible.


For professionals who trust in BabyPlanner Barcelona we will be a complement to its proposal, adding value to healthcare service by a differentiated hallmark of the rest, singular and unique in our country.

We take care of the clients apart from the services offered by the professionals. We offer 24/7 personalized service mentoring by the products, services and emotions that are part of maternity and paternity.

BabyPlanner Barcelona goes beyond the health concerns about of our customers.

The care of the health of our customers we only to the professionals with the highest level of excellence.

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