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As a mother, the process of pregnancy and later being mother, have been for me one of the best experiences of my life. At the same time have also been the time where I had to make more decisions. From the beginning to still today, everything is been decided: the doctor, this stroller, here, there… but although it has been very rewarding.

How many time have these decisions take me to enjoy what really mathers to me? My family and my doughter.

The main reason of this project is accompanied to future parents, by a singular and unique way in all their decisions, in any stage of the process, with a sole interlocutor


Offer our clients a personalized service 24 hours of support, learning and development in the way of being parents pampering and caring for their welfare and every detail during preconception, pregnancy, childbirth and the first months of their new family.

Talking and providing information to facilitate making decision with their own safety and efficiently transforming this period in a stress-free entertainment, enjoying with the newcomer.




Enjoy, take care and develop the Family constituted by our customers as a fundamental space for the human being at every stage of their life.

The welfare of the people who want to form a family, live or share it.

Honesty and transparency when we openly share from the first moment to the last. To work with an attitude in favor of the truth in relation to the rest of the environment.

We are committed to dialogue and cooperation with our customers and suppliers, as higher forms of democratic participation. First, we seek solutions to the happiness and welfare of all.

Excellence in performing tasks. All those who intervene in one way or another, we do enthusiastically, commitment, quality and professionalism, always seeking greater effectiveness and greater efficiency.

Tolerance and respect for differences.

Discipline to fulfill day by day slowly but surely our mission; to learn from our mistakes and transform.

Humbly recognize our faults and to amend authentically and responsibly, to remain always ready to serve the next one.

Availability for our client as close and loving, offering support and assistance in all times of need or desire.




Since 2009, International Maternity and Parenting Institute (USA) has been at the forefront of education for parenthood by offering cutting-edge training and preparation.

Its mission is to inspire, support and educate a global network of professional motherhood. Providing exceptional service to new and expectant parents through its diverse programming and educational, professional networks, and a commitment to professionalism.

Count kicks is a UK registered charity that aims to empower mothers to be with the knowledge and confidence throughout pregnancy.



We want to be the only personalized referral service for people on the path to becoming parents in all its stages, offering 24 hour support in the planning and development of this process.


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