We are private consultants on maternity and paternity who plan, prepare and mentor people on the way of being parents, recommending products, resources, services, support, additional education and emotional guide.

BabyPlanner Barcelona serve not only your body and your baby, we also take care of your emotions: fears, worries, doubts, joys…

All necessary services during this period focused on one person with only one interlocutor.

We are here to assist you, never to replace the role of parents.



We offer people in the way of being parents, or during the first months of the baby’s arrival, a personal process of planning and material and emotional support.

A wide variety of services and products helping you have a relaxing pregnancy or parenthood full of learning, stress-free and designed only to enjoy.

The role of BabyPlanner offers services in the following areas:

  • Maternity / paternity Consultant
  • Services Expert
  • Products Expert
  • Emotional Support



We support you and your family to enjoy on a full way this period, enjoying every stage of this new adventure without worries or obligations of preparations and shopping, just deciding what is best for your family, for you and your baby.

The peace of mind that everything will be covered when the time comes, the security that you will be receiving the best care in everything regarding  pregnancy, maternity and paternity, grandparents, couples, and the baby.

Sometimes the variety of opinions from friends and family can make difficult decisions.

We plan, prepare and mentor you to the simplest possible journey to motherhood and fatherhood.



 “Our best goal is help you to take the best decisions”

 BabyPlanner Barcelona

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